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White Supremacy vs. Black Apathy

Looking at the two, and understanding how they make for a deadly combination, in the worldwide war against melanin- I decided to take a step back from regular reporting, and go into an investigative study of a list of the two factors; White Supremacy and Black Apathy.

Here is a list of 10 factors from both sides of the equation:

White Supremacy over Job Mobility
White Supremacy of Political Decision Makers
White Supremacy of Controlling Mass-Media
White Supremacy Imperialism
White Supremacy in the Media
White Supremacy over Nutrition
White Supremacy Through Law Enforcement
White Supremacy Through Banking
White Supremacy Through Religion and Philosophy
White Supremacy Through Corporate Policy


Black Political Apathy
Black Financial Empowerment Apathy
Black Educational Apathy
Black News Media Apathy
Black Cultural Preservation Apathy
Black Religious Apathy
Black Apathy Towards Pop Culture Influence
Black Apathy Towards the Environment
Black Nutritional Apathy
Black Apathy Toward Personal Safety and Security in Our Communities


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