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“People think that, because I’m a funk singer, I can’t seek something for my life”: Young funkster wants to study Medicine

Black Women of Brazil

MC Thaysa during a show MC Thaysa during a show

Note from BW of Brazil: We’ve all heard the cliche phrase, “I’m only doing this temporarily to get through college”. It’s a phrase that’s usually uttered by a person who’s doing something they’re not proud to be doing but are willing to do it only long enough to improve their lives or get to the next level of life. Of course, some people really mean and manage to move on, but many others, for any number of reasons, end up stuck in the life they meant to occupy only temporarily. We’re hoping the former is the case for this young lady. 

Last year, we brought you the story of the Rio-based funk group Bonde das Maravilhas that scored a huge hit with their song “Aquecimento das Maravilhas”. The style known is funk has long been critically panned by many sectors of Brazilian society even…

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