Everything that's on MY mind…

Unexplainable Black Death

Mike Brown was walking home
Anthony Baez was playing football.
Aiyana Jones was sleeping on the couch.
Akai Gurley was taking the stairs.
Jonathan Ferrell was signaling officers after a car accident
Tamir Rice was playing in a park
John Crawford was shopping at WalMart
Shaqur McNair was walking home
Jordan Baker was shopping at the mall
93 year old Pearlie Golden was sitting at home, watching tv
Mckenzie Cochran was shopping at a mall
Tarika Wilson was at home when her and her 1 year old were shot in a drug raid at the wrong address
Raymond Herisse was shot at 115 times by police, who also wounded 5 bystanders. No reason was ever given.
Kimani Gray was headed home, and “adjusted his waistband in a suspicious manner” according to police
Damon Abraham walked into a police station to get details on a restraining order that had been filed against him. He died in handcuffs after being tased at least 4 times and beaten
73 year old Bernard Monroe was in his front yard enjoying a family picnic.
60 year old Robert Lee Thomas, Sr. was going to a housewarming party
57 year old Alberta Spruill was in her home when police kicked in the wrong door with flashbang grenades and riot gear, she had a heart attack.
Asa B. Sullivan shot 5 times in the face by police who mistook him for a trespasser
Trevon Cole was at his Las Vegas home, cops kicked in his door on a faulty drug raid- nothing was found, and they had the wrong Trevon Cole
Byron Carter was sitting in a parked car
Dakota Bright was walking home from school
Willie Allen Sargent Jr. was hit by a speeding patrol car
Jonny Gammage was minding his own business
66 years old and paralyzed, Louis Kimbro had his door of his home kicked in by police, they shot him 30 times for “charging at them with a butcher knife”…
Lawrence Allen was shot by two off duty cops over a fight he was not involved in- just in the wrong place at the wrong time.. and the cops fled the scene, never called 911
Ariston Waiters, innocent bystander, shot twice in the back, grand jury ruled the cop’s actions were justified
Elip Cheatham was taking his cousin to the hospital
13 year old Monae Turnage was shot to death by a gun found in a cop’s trunk. He never faced any charges.
Henry Glover was killed, set on fire and put in the trunk of a car by NOPD after Katrina, at least they went to prison.
17 year-old James Brissette 40 year-old Ronald Madison were murdered by NOPD on Danziger Bridge right after Katrina, 5 cops were convicted in that incident as well.
John Robert Husband III was walking home- shot in the back by Dallas PD
Daryl Jerome Berry was in a car accident, cops said his dog attacked them, so they shot Mr. Berry and killed him
Lamont Harmon was walking home from the store
Alan Blueford was watching a Mayweather fight with friends
18-year-old Ervin Jefferson was in his front yard when two security guards rolled up, one shot him, the other ran him over.
Tim Stansbury- chillin’ on the roof at his apartment and somehow “startled” an NYPD officer. It was ruled an accident.
That’s enough for now.


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