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Before and after: How shadow prisons transformed rural America


Over the last 10 years, a second-class prison system for immigrants has sprung up across some of the most remote landscapes in the United States.

Every night, 23,000 people—most of them held for minor immigration infractions—are locked up in these facilities. That’s in addition to the 34,000 immigrants believed to be housed in U.S. immigration detention facilities.

Willacy County Correctional Center – Raymondville, Texas

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A decade ago, these infractions would have resulted in little more than a bus ride back home. Now, these people end up in places like this.

Adams County Correctional Center – Natchez, Mississippi

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Established without a single vote in Congress, these Criminal Alien Requirement prisons, as they are called, have funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into private companies, a Fusion investigation has found.

D. Ray James Correctional Facility – Folkston, Georgia

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Roughly two-thirds of immigrants who serve time in the…

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