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Nils Christie, Norwegian Academic and Leading Light of Prison Abolitionist Thought, Dies at 87

Prison Photography


“We cannot build up a system of sanction on supposed danger, in my view.”

Nils Christie.


Nils Christie, Norwegian sociologist and criminologist, died Wednesday May 27th at the age of 87.

Christie’s great achievement was to detach discussion of prisons solely from discussions of crime and to afix them firmly to conversation about economic inequality and the definitions of behaviour we attach hastily to those outside of our social class.

Christie ushered in the modern prison abolition movement. Activist group Critical Resistance writes:

“Christie challenged the accepted notions of crime and the legitimacy of imprisonment throughout his career. Along with Thomas Mathiesen and Louk Hulsman, Christie was at the forefront of a tendency of European social scientists that pushed prison abolition into mainstream conversation.”

In this very accessible Q&A, Christie explains that someone stealing money or threatening violence inside or outside the family is…

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Jamar Clark’s Killer Cops Identified Amid Growing Protests in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activist and attorney Nekima Levy-Pounds describes the events, case and protests over the police killing of unarmed Black man Jamar Clark.

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Before and after: How shadow prisons transformed rural America

28 Black Films You Need To See To Keep Your Race Card

Scott Woods Makes Lists

Seeing as how Black History Month has already started, this list is a little late. And yet, after a conversation with someone I THOUGHT was a good friend today, I realized that it’s never too late to get your black card revoked for not having done your homework. You can’t be a truly progressive modern black person if you haven’t at least seen these 28 films. Think of this as a Black History Month advent calendar: 28 days to better blackness,* complete with reasons why.

Day 1 – Purple Rain

If you want to know why Prince is still such a big deal at 55 and bringing in Super Bowl ratings at 11:00 at night on a shit show like New Girl it’s because 30 years ago he did this little student film called The Kid & His Weird Biker Gang, totally reinventing not only what it meant to…

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Justice for Sharod Kindell

Denver Autonomous Action Network


Call in campaign for Sharod Kindell, currently being held in solitary confinement in Denver City Jail in desperate need of medical care.  Mainstream media coverage on Sharod has been virtually non-existent.  We are asking for folks to call the Denver City Jail and demand the following utilizing a firm though polite tone so as not to negatively impact Sharod’s legal situation.  There has also been a noise demo called for at 5PM by his family, at the Denver City Jail.

Please call the Denver City Jail at 720 337 0400 or 720 337 0196 and demand that:

-Immediate Release & To have all trumped up charges dropped
-Clean clothes & Underwear (Sharod has been in the same blood stained garments for a week)
-Adequate medical care & pain meds (Sharod was released prematurely and against medical advice, he is intense pain from DPD gunshots throughout his body and his wounds are…

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